Cruise Holiday Destinations

Cruise Holidays & Destinations

With LoveitBookit, there are fantastic luxury cruise holidays &  destinations around every corner. We have a host of exciting activities and a huge range of wonderful shore excursions to enjoy at every port. These will immerse you in the exotic delights of each destination, and give you the chance to make the most of the variety that you only truly experience on a cruise holiday. All our holidays are ATOL protected.

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Cruise Holiday Destinations

Alaska Cruises

Explore the breath-taking beauty of Alaska’s rugged wilderness with our Alaska cruises. From the snow-white tips of gleaming glaciers, to the cobalt blue, crystal-clear seas; only on an Alaskan cruise holiday will you find yourself surrounded by the stunning and serene scenery that our natural world has to offer.

Asia Cruises

With a culturally-rich and fascinating past, and a vibrant and thrilling present, discovering the faraway feasts of Asia will be an unforgettable worldly experience. Treat yourself to a taste of it all, with an Asia cruise, where you can stay aboard a luxury liner and drink in many different delightful holiday destinations.

Australia & New Zealand Cruises

Prepare to be astounded – Australia and New Zealand are two cruise holiday destinations that are unlike any other. Where Australia takes the crown for the flattest land mass, New Zealand is extremely mountainous. Australia is a dry, desert country, and New Zealand is a lush, veritable garden.

Bermuda Cruises

After making a big splash on the cruise map, Bermuda greets more passengers every season, thanks to stunning scenery, a warm welcome and soaring popularity. Here you’ll find that afternoon tea is a daily ritual, judges still wear powdered wigs and cricket is a much-loved sport.

Canada & New England Cruises

Cruise to Canada, where you can enrich yourself with exquisite charm, rich history and breath-taking natural beauty of New England and Canada’s eastern seaboard. Sail along and see the vast cities of Boston and Quebec, and immerse yourself in all the signs of Victoria’s decadent British heritage.

Caribbean & Bahamas Cruises

Close your eyes and picture paradise – white sandy beaches, exotic food and drink, charming accents, jewel-toned seas and warm tropical weather. Sound familiar? A host of blissful islands make up the Caribbean and the Bahamas, still the most popular cruise holiday destination.

Hawaii Cruises

This part of the world is famed for being a picturesque paradise, and when you visit heavenly Hawaii, it’s not hard to see why. You can’t miss the vast, lush landscape and the technicolour rock face of the colossal volcanoes from which this unique island group was born.

Northern Europe Cruises

The Northern Europe cruise region stretches from the British Isles right through Scandinavia, all the way to St. Petersburg, Russia. Amazing historical and cultural sites await passengers, as well as breath-taking scenery, and a huge variety of delightful towns and cities.

Mediterranean Cruises

It’s easy to see why the Mediterranean is one of the world-renowned cruise destinations, with quaint fishing villages, delicious cuisine, and warm, welcoming climate. There’s something for everyone – from the history buffs that crave ancient ruins and architecture, to the party-goers after clubs and cocktails.

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The Middle East and Dubai Cruises

With its intriguing culture dating back thousands of years, breath-taking architecture, sensational shopping opportunities; it’s no wonder Dubai and the Middle East make for some of the most desired cruise destinations anywhere in the world.

Panama Canal Cruises

A cruise through the Panama Canal is an exciting and exhilarating, a spectacular marvel of engineering. Experience the thrill as the six immense locks raise the cruise ship from sea level up to 85 feet, and then gently lower it down — sometimes with only inches to spare on either side.

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South America Cruises

For any explorer, South America is a rich, melting pot of cultures that are inspired by passion, food, and nature. Boasting beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife and a rich heritage that dates back to ancient civilisations, this part of the world is perfect for those who want a taste of adventure.

Transatlantic Cruises

Crossing the pond is more than a means to an end in this collection of cruises – you’ll relive the golden age of cruising on a transatlantic cruise. For those who want to soak up the beauty of the ocean amid luxurious surroundings, a Transatlantic cruise holiday is ideal.

Galapagos Cruises

With a wealth of wildlife and natural diversity, Galápagos is a nature-lovers dream. These stunning islands are home to almost 2,000 rare and unique species that aren’t found anywhere else in the world – this exotic haven of astonishing flora and fauna makes for an unforgettable trip for any explorer.